“Everyone’s eye health is different and our comprehensive, bespoke eye examinations are designed to protect your most precious sense”


Your eyes are extremely delicate and everybody’s eyesight differs. A healthy pair of eyes can see candle light at a distance of 14 miles and even distinguish between 500 different shades of grey.

At Parker Opticians, our eye examinations are tailored to suit your vision requirements and lifestyle. No two eye examinations are the same and we take great pride in supplying you with an eye care service like no other.

When you visit our practice, we will ask you a series of questions that help us to understand your lifestyle requirements and match you with your ideal eyewear. You will then be introduced to the optometrist before making your way through the practice to our test rooms.

We won’t usher you in to a dark room and start looking at your eyes either. Our talented and experienced optometrists will ensure that you feel comfortable and relaxed before discussing your vision with you. They will try to find out whether your vision has changed since your last eye examination and talk you through the test procedures.

It is important that you tell us about any problems you are having with your vision, no matter how small you think the issue is.

Our eye examinations include important tests that are designed to detect conditions like glaucoma, cataracts and diabetic retinopathy. We have a strong relationship with Chesterfield Royal Hospital and refer patients with sight-threatening conditions to the hospital via a fast track service.

After the test has been completed, our experienced optometrists will explain their findings to you and give you all of the information and advice you need in easy to understand terms. We will also tell you whether you need spectacles at this point and explain the type of prescription you will need.

The optometrist will then hand you over to our friendly style specialists. They will match you with your ideal eyewear and ensure that they fit comfortably.

We provide both NHS and private eye tests and love meeting new people. We take great pride in caring for your eyesight and look forward to protecting your vision in the near future.