“Enjoy a clear, crisp, wider field of vision without your eyewear getting in the way”


Extreme close up on cute model applying contact lens on her blue eyesDo you often find that your eyewear gets in the way? Does your eyewear slip off and break when you are in a rush? Maybe you are restricted to just a few activities that you can participate in, simply because your eyewear isn’t suitable?

At Parker Opticians, we specialise in contact lenses and we aren’t restricted when it comes to selecting the most appropriate lenses for your lifestyle and vision requirements.

Our fantastic team of eye care specialists will examine your vision and give you plenty of helpful information on the benefits of contact lenses. They really are ideal for anyone that leads an on-the-go lifestyle and perfect for all the sports fanatics out there.

Not only can you look forward to a wider field of vision, but you won’t have to deal with the same restrictions that are associated with spectacles. You still get to enjoy clear, crisp vision, but there is certainly no chance of your contact lenses steaming over or catching any glare.

Advances in contact lens technology mean that there is a wide range of contact lens types for you to choose from. Selecting the ones that best suit you can be tricky, and that is where we come in.

We assess your vision and talk to you about the benefits of using certain lens types. We also give you helpful tips on the best ways to clean the lenses and protect your eyes against infection.

As an independent optician, we aren’t restricted when choosing lens manufacturers. If you require a certain type of lens, we will find it for you and ensure that they fit comfortably.

We are regularly told that contact lenses aren’t suitable for everyone, but this is a myth. You may have tried contact lenses in the past and struggled with them but this could be down to the wrong type of prescription. As specialists in contact lenses, we ensure that your contact lenses fit perfectly and continue to do so for years to come.